Todd breaking bad actor weight

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Breaking Bad Star Body Shamed Online After El Camino Movie Return

Sign In. Jesse Plemons I Actor Soundtrack. Born: April 2, Known For. The Irishman Chuckie O'Brien Game Night Gary The Master Val Dodd Hank the Cowdog Drover I'm Thinking of Ending Things Jake Vice Kurt Drunk History William Kenward No Activity Angus Black Mirror Robert Daly The Post Roger Clark Hostiles Lt. Rudy Kidder American Made Sheriff Downing The Discovery Toby Other People David Fargo Ed Blumquist Bridge of Spies Joe Murphy The Program Floyd Landis Black Mass Kevin Weeks Olive Kitteridge Jerry McCarthy The Homesman Garn Sours Flutter David The Missionary Sherwood Elbridge Breaking Bad Todd Dalai Lama Jeff Bent Gary Childrens Hospital Jesse In fact, in some cases, El Camino 's interquel connections to the main Breaking Bad storyline requires that certain characters not only make a re-appearance in this new film, but actually help anchor major subplots of the story.

Like every other Breaking Bad actor returning for El CaminoJesse Plemons has aged and seen certain changes to his look come with that aging. However, unlike many of the other Breaking Bad stars in El CaminoJesse Plemons is being mercilessly body shamed on social media by trolls within the Breaking Bad fandom, and it is getting ugly:.

Todd Breaking bad vs Todd El Camino pic. On the other hand, the comment on the tweet that Plemons, "Looks like Wilson Fisk," is less kind. Sheesh Todd is pounds heavier ElCamino pic. Its was very nice of Vince Gilligan fo replace Todd with Todd's much fatter, older brother Jokes about how this isn't even the same guy playing Todd it is are also pretty common in the social media chat threads.

Well fat Todd certainly stole the spotlight then hey. There is a hilarious irony to Todd hiding his money in his fridge. Oh Vince Gilligan, you have a cruel but brilliant sense of humour!

FatTodd ElCamino. Wow, Todd got fat. Social Media is, has, and will never be kind. In the end, it always boils down to the lowest common denominator. See above. ElCamino — Paul Williams ProudManc72 October 11, Jokes about how this isn't even the same guy playing Todd it is are also pretty common in the social media chat threads. Insult or Praise? Cruel Joke There is a hilarious irony to Todd hiding his money in his fridge.

Internet Be Savage Wow, Todd got fat.

todd breaking bad actor weight

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We take this seriously, violating this policy can result in a ban. Can someone explain to me why Todd was so fat in El Camino self. I actually cannot believe they let him play that role being that big. Are you telling me within 8 months Todd gained and lost 60 pounds? See this guy here his name is Chucky O'Brien.

If you want to make a movie with Martin Scorsese, you look the way Martin tells you to look, when he tells you to look like it.

And then Tom Hanks was diagnosed with type II diabetes, and medical experts are confident that it's due to his rapid weight gains and loses for various movies, which is why actors aren't asked to do that as often as they used to. If they gain weight for a part now, they follow strict instructions from a dietitian to get the weight back off. As far as the Todd flashbacks are concerned, ya, it's a little off, but I've known people who yo-yo'd with their weight like this. And who knows how much time went by between the flash backs and the big shoot out at the compound.

My sister gained 40 pounds while pregnant, and was back to her normal weight 3 months after delivery. Yeah but Todd put the weight ON.

No honey, not every child is conceived like you were. Non-relatives can also have sex and get pregnant. Isn't it weird to have the same maternal and paternal family? Gilligan should've demanded him to lose the lbs.

If you're reflecting back on the time you can't have Todd looking like he did. What made it worse was how central Todd's character was in the movie it was hard for me to buy in the timeline for the movie for his character.

I honestly thought it took quite a bit away from the movie. It completely takes you out of the story. You would think they would have digitally made Todd look younger and thinner, or at least used some camera tricks to make him look thinner.

That may be, but his acting in that role was completely on point, as usual.

Conan O'Brien interviews the cast of Breaking Bad

There were probably 3 or 4 moments but the only one I remember was when he was calling his bluff on the call. He had some powerful body language and subtle facial expressions that were impeccable, though.

What was it, 40 cars? They were just going to park bumper to bumper for 4 blocks? But also no perimeter, no road blocks? That scene would have been great with cars.Todd Alquist was a methamphetamine cook and former exterminator for Vamonos Pestand the nephew of Jack Welker.

Breaking Bad's Todd Actor Jesse Plemons - How Much Weight Did He Gain in El Camino?

Todd also operated for his uncle Jack 's gang and their ally Lydia Rodarte-Quayle until their deaths at the hands of Walt. He proves useful until he fatally shoots Drew Sharpa young boy who accidentally witnessed the robbery.

Todd defended his actions, claiming they couldn't leave any witnesses alive. The group voted to let Todd stay on, but it was the beginning of the end of their partnership. When Jesse and Mike decided to quit the meth business, Walt brought Todd on as his new assistant.

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After Walt kills Mike, Todd truly earned his place at Walt's right hand when he helped dispose of Mike's body and introduced Walt to his prison-connected uncle, Jack Welker. Todd and his gang take Jesse back to their compound, where he remained as their slave cook for several months. When Jesse attempted to escape, Todd punished him by executing his former girlfriend Andrea Cantillo. After Walt returns from hiding in New Hampshire, he attempts to propose a new deal with Lydia and Todd to produce meth with a new formula to which Lydia feigns agreement and instead orders for Walt to be murdered.

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While Todd initially survived the attack, he was ultimately killed by Jesse for revenge for his torture and to avenge Todd's murders of Drew Sharp and Andrea Cantillo.

Little is known of Todd's past. His uncle was the leader of a violent gang for which Todd was a close ally to and also an enforcer. He at one point was an employee of the Albuquerque Gazette and later began working for Ira at Vamonos Pest ; working as a fumigator and also secretly as a burglar. It has been hinted that he has been arrested for his crimes before and ended up having to be bailed out by Saul Goodman.

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Todd is seen working at Vamonos Pest. He and his crew were hired by Mike Ehrmantraut to help in a methamphetamine operation led by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The pest control crew was ordered not to talk to Walt and Jesse at any time: they should only set up a house for the poison bombing, set up the secret mobile meth lab inside and clear space for the two cooks.

Before Walt and Jesse's first cook, Todd informed the duo of a nanny-cam in the living room of the house " Hazard Pay ". He later assisted Jesse and Walt during a train heist for methylamine to produce Blue Sky.

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Todd showed great interest in the plan, trying to make Walt see the potential in him. Walt explained to Todd how the heist would go down, but emphasized that nobody should ever know that the train was ever robbed. The heist went as planned until a good Samaritan offered to move the truck that was blocking the train, which forced Todd to jump from the top of a moving train. After the three secured the methylamine, their celebration was witnessed by young Drew Sharp.

Without hesitation, Todd drew his pistol and shot the boy dead " Dead Freight ". Todd helped Walt and Mike dispose of Drew's corpse and motorcycle in Hydrofluoric acid. He then attempted to explain himself to the group, saying that the only reason he shot the kid was to protect their heist. He appeared unfazed by his action, sticking to the belief that killing Drew had to be done because he was a witness.

Walt, Jesse and Mike came to the agreement that Todd would remain part of their crew but Mike warned him not to bring a gun to job again unless he told Mike about it first. Later it is revealed that Todd kept Drew Sharp's jar containing a tarantula " Buyout ".

After both Mike and Jesse left the crew, Walt recruited Todd as his new lab assistant.

Walt taught him how to cook meth in the mobile lab, telling him to try his hardest and pay attention, instructions which Todd seemed to take to heart. He took notes and studied them on his break. After killing Mike, Walt called on Todd to help dispose of Mike's car and corpse. Walt and Todd then continued to cook Blue Sky for several months without any hiccups, until Walt bowed out of the meth business " Gliding Over All ".

Todd was the cook left in charge after Walt's departure. Under the employ of DeclanTodd managed two successful cooks but accidentally started a fire on his third, which prompted Declan to hire back his old cook.

This meth cook could not produce the quality that Lydia Rodarte-Quayle required for her buyers in the Czech Republic, so she attempted to reason with Declan in order to convince him to rehire Todd as the cook. When Declan declined, Lydia had Jack and his gang murder Declan and his crew. Todd helped Lydia out of Declan's meth lab, where she was hiding.Viewers who tuned in for the much anticipated Breaking Bad epilogue film, El Camino, weren't disappointed by the continuation of Jesse Pinkman's story, even if there were some "hiccups" playing with some people's heads.

The important thing to realize is that this movie was shot a full six years after the finale of the popular AMC drama, so, there are going to be some obvious physical changes to the characters in the movie. The biggest transformation one of the characters underwent was Jesse Plemons' Todd, who visibly gained weight since the show ended. For continuity purposes, this could prove problematic for viewers, especially because the events of El Camino occur directly after Jesse's escape from the compound where he was imprisoned and forced to cook meth for a gang of racist drug dealers.

It's an insensitive question to propound, and one I feel like a jerk for typing out, but it is something a lot of fans are asking. As a result, a slew of body shaming memes and cracks at the performer have been floating around social media.

While time constraints and Jesse Plemons just gaining weight is the most likely explanation as to why he's looking plumper in the movie, there is also another explanation that's being kicked around the internet as to why his change in appearance actually works for the film's narrative and doesn't take away from it at all:. This means that everything Jesse does in the movie is through his visual lens, especially in Jesse's flashbacks.

The first of Pinkman's that we see shows Todd as a shadowy figure standing above Jesse as he labors to cook meth. This, arguably, sets the tone early on that Jesse sees Todd in a very specific way, but it doesn't just stop at other people — this unreliable perception applies to himself as well. ScreenRant made a great point about Jesse's own self-perception — he appears way older than someone who's in his 20s because he feels a heck of a lot older than he really is.

All of the stresses, traumas, and horrible life experiences that he's undergone have basically aged the man by decades. There's a specific scene where Jesse's looking at his own face in the mirror after taking a shower that supports this as well — he's unfamiliar with his own face. Jesse could also perceive Todd as older and heavier because the acts that Todd's committed, even though he's only 24 years old in the show, are atrocities one would expect a hardened criminal with years of indulging bitter, cheap, and monstrous emotions would enact.

To recap: Todd shoots and kills a child riding a bike after being spotted at pulling off a daring train heist, he imprisons Jesse, and in El Caminohe strangles his housekeeper to death. And while there were a lot of people who were quick to comment on Todd's weight gain and that it "distracted" them from enjoying the movie, it doesn't change the fact that Jesse Plemons is also getting a lot of love from people who enjoyed his performance in not just the show, but El Camino as well.

Some have gone so far as to say he's the highlight of the flick. BreakingBad ElCamino pic. I personally enjoyed Jesse Plemons' role in the movie and have loved seeing him pop up in a bunch of shows like Black Mirror and the Dick Cheney biopic, Vice, where he was a very entertaining narrator by the name of Kurt.

Now if we can only get him and Matt Damon to play brothers in a movie together, I'd be over the moon.

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El Camino doesn't make it a secret that the film is told through Jesse's point of view.Jesse Lon Plemons born April 2, is an American actor. He began his career as a child actor and achieved a career breakthrough with his supporting role as Landry Clarke in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights — InPlemons graduated from the Texas Tech University Independent School Districta distance learning program, which allowed him to earn his high school diploma.

He attended Mart High School until he received more acting jobs and needed to shift to the online program. Then, when he was 8 years old, he started doing extra work, and with the support of his family, spent time auditioning in Los Angeles and landing small jobs. Inwhen he was 18, Plemons joined the ensemble cast of NBC 's television series Friday Night Lightsfilmed in Austin, Texasdetailing the fictional events surrounding a high school football team in fictional Dillon, Texas.

In the show's first season, his character Landry Clarke provided comic relief as the best friend of football quarterback Matt Saracenthough Landry himself was not on the team. Landry joined the Panthers football team in the second season, and Plemons, having played high school football, told director Jeffrey Reiner that he would do his own stunts. So, I wrote that whole part for Jesse. I never thought of it as a Friday Night Lights reunion.

I thought of it as protection, bringing a trusted family member in. In late, Plemons co-starred in the second season of the TV show Fargo which is loosely based on the film of the same name. InPlemons starred in the film Other People.

Plemons played Robert Daly, the episode's main character and a sadistic introvert. InPlemons received critical praise for his lead performance in Charlie Kaufman's psychological drama I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Plemons will next star in the supernatural horror Antlersre-collaborating with director Scott Cooper[25] and has supporting roles in the adventure film Jungle Cruise[26] Jane Campion's western drama The Power of the Dogand Judas and the Black Messiaha film about civil rights activist Fred Hampton.

Plemons has long been noted for his facial resemblance to actors Matt Damon and Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of his first film roles, at age 12, was playing the younger version of Damon's character in the film All the Pretty Horses He also appeared as Hoffman's son in the film The Master When Plemons appeared on Breaking Badfans nicknamed him "Meth Damon", due to the show's centering on the meth business, and Plemons' resemblance to Damon.

Plemons began a relationship with his Fargo co-star Kirsten Dunst in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American actor. Dallas, TexasU. The New York Times.

Retrieved September 13, The Hollywood Reporter. Texas Tech University. May 1, Retrieved November 15, The A.

todd breaking bad actor weight

Retrieved November 11, Archived from the original on November 5, Archived from the original on June 17, By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. After years of waiting, Breaking Bad movie finally arrived on the small as well as the big screen, and it was all we hoped for, the answer to the question of what happened to ' Jesse Pinkman ' after he escaped the compound of the Neo-Nazis.

Jesse got the fate he deserved, and the story was a great addition to the already illustrious series 'Breaking Bad. This article will contain some spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movieso turn away if you are waiting to see the movie.

todd breaking bad actor weight

The best aspect of the movie was the continuation of the story after six years of the series going off the air in It was nice to see Jesse Pinkman back on the screen, but the person who stole all the scenes he appeared in was Todd, the sadistic killer from the final season of Breaking Bad.

The problem with his flashback appearance in the movie was there was some continuation problem. The actor, Jesse Plemonsplaying the character, ' Todd ,' was fat and it was noticeable and a drastic change from his role in the show six years ago. First things first, the movie went on the floor after six years of the wrapping of the series inmost of all the actors involved in the show got old and with age comes other changes to the body.

When the series was going on actor Jesse Plemons was 25 years old, he was starting out in his career, and when he was asked to come back to the movie, he was years old. By the time the movie started filming, and now we are getting to see it, the actor seems to be about pounds heavier than the time he played Todd in But there is a reason for the actor gaining weight and not being able to lose it.

In between the series and the movie, the actor went through a lot of transformation and worked in multiple projects. This was the reason why he was fat in the Breaking Bad film; he gained weight for the Johnny Depp movie 'Black Mass' which was released two years after he was done playing Todd.

Jesse Plemons

The weight went perfectly with the role, which is why there was no reason to trim down. Then the actor appeared in the Christian Bale starrer 'Vice' where again he was slightly overweight for the character, and then he was hired in 'The Irishman' where he will most probably be sporting a gut.

Most of all the characters he played since the ending of Breaking Bad, involved him sporting a heavier body frame. Internet is a gutter, well, not the internet, specifically social media and mainly Twitter and in some parts Reddit.

But Twitter, on the other hand, is the worst place on planet earth where anonymous people can say anything they want, whether it is nice or not. After the movie was released on Netflix, most of the fans were praising the actors for their portrayal, and then there were few who were keen to get some virtual points by talking hideous things about the actor Jesse Plemons. There could be various factors, which prompt people to get fat and not be able to lose weight, and what we see from the outside is just a fraction of what a person is going through in real life.

Shaming people for their weight without knowing what they are going through can harm their self-esteem and, most specifically, their mental health. Fat or obese person is, most of the time, insecure and finding it hard to fit in, and people saying mean things is only going to perpetuate harm. The actor said he gained the weight for a part and still there were few who were keen to body-shame the actor. Well, thank god, not all the fans are hideous because most of the fans came to the defense of the actor and talked about the amazing acting he did in the movie.

Top headlines :. Published Tue Oct 15 By Travis. Watch: The trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie currently streaming on Netflix The best aspect of the movie was the continuation of the story after six years of the series going off the air in Jesse Plemons gained some weight in between the Breaking Bad series and movie.

Source: Variety In between the series and the movie, the actor went through a lot of transformation and worked in multiple projects. Jesse Plemons gained weight for movie roles and it carried over in Breaking Bad movie.

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